SV07 Z Axis BIG Problem

I have been using my SV07 for about 4 months with good results and reliability so far. Until today. I was printing a part and the Z axis went down into the build plate. Somehow it finished the print but the head did not go home and out of the way of the part. I “homed” it and it pushed the part off the bed and I could not print again. When I homed it manually it went into the bed and scraped the stick on plate off. I removed the metal plate with stick on and when the head went Z home it gouged the magnetic material severely. I cannot home in the z position at all now it hits the bed and the motors continue to turn and grind gears. I have tried to reset to factory conditions, I have loosened the z motor drive couplings and let it go but it turns and turns and eventually stops and gives an error message. I retightened the couplings but have to emergency top before it hits the bed again. WHAT IS HAPPENING???

As a side note, I recently changed from Cura to Orca since Cura would not change parameters based on filament. I have printed several things successfully with no problem on Orca.

The spring/flex metal build plate must be on the bed or the Sensor will Not Activate –

You might of moved/pushed the Sensor probe “Up” when it crashed into the Part/bed that’s why it keeps crashing into your bed because your Z-offset/Probe is out of place so the sensor doesn’t realize this, so it keeps plowing into the bed trying to reach the z-offset number or even close enough to trigger the sensor

Can you reset the Z-Offset back to 0.00 or even go positive number like 1.5mm
on the sv07 without hitting the “home” button ?

I’ve got the sv06+ and you have to “home” to access the Z-Offset, so i moved the extruder up about 10cm away from the bed, then hit “Home” while holding the build plate with my hand to trigger the probe so i can reset the Z-Offset, that way if it doesn’t trigger i got enough time to turn it off before it gets to the actual bed -.

Thank you very much. Your suggestion was spot on. I am back up and running but, I am still wondering why it crashed to begin with. It actually burned and tore a hole in the smooth adhesive PEI I had on the magnetic plate before I removed it.

I call them “X-Files”
Have been printing for many many years and every now and then the Printer will just decide it wants to something different half way through a print-

Most times the Extruder/Hotbed just decides to wants to go to the Back Right side of the printer and sit there chewing up the belts (why i started to use 6 limit switches back then)… couple of times the extruder just wanted to go down to the Hotbed halfway through a print- ( that’s the worst one to get)

either way it’s not good when it happens,
and I’ve never found i reason why or been able to duplicate the error-.

Haven’t really heard of these problems with the new Boards/Firmware tho-.,

Glad your up & going again-.

As a total newbie, I had a similar problem. Not knowing any better, opening the box, first time at using one of these things, I did not know not to try putting the included soft flexible print surface on top of the PEI coated spring steel print plate that magnetically attaches to the bed. So the Z readings kept being off, and occasionally the Z axis probing would give an “out of bounds” error message. I ruined one of the two included brass nozzles that way (it wouldn’t print right afterwards no matter what) as well as the soft flexible print surface.

Since that episode the SV07+ has been running very nearly perfectly.