SV04 "doesnt home y axis

Hello everyone

i just installed my new sv04 everyting went great but after a print or leveling or anyting it doesnt home the y axis and gives me a error.

I have 1.1.0 from factory installed,

i this cant be fixed im very sorry but ill send it back

so please help

grtz Martijn

I too am struggling with my new SV04. Did you plug the wire into the micro switch next to the Y stepper Motor? Maybe re-plug if it is already connected. What error are you getting?


Yes and it works when I power it up and home it it works, but after I did a bed leveling or a print it looks like it forgets that it has to move te bed further to reach the end.
It stops somewhere moves back and forth if it has reached the end but is still far from it and then gives me a error that it shuts down the steppers to prevent damage to them.
And when i reset the printer it homes perfect and after a nother successfully printing job it gives me the same error

What is yours doing ? The same thing?

Mine prints perfect just that error

Mine homes correctly all the time. If it wokrs once for you and then never again till reset, it looks like a bad MB, a distant second would be a stuck micro switch. Best of luck!