Y-Motor problems

for some time now my sovol sv04 is acting quite weird.
Everytime I try to auto align the z-axis the extruders move to their home position. the right extruder works fine, but the left extruder wont stop at the home postiotion but is trying to go even further. This isn´t resulting in an healthy Sound.
I rebooted the firmware (this wont work) and couldn´t find any other solutuion on the internet.

Can anyone here help me?

This is a well-known problem - turning off the SV04 immediately will help prevent damage. Usually, this problem is rare and cannot be reproduced. What firmware version are you using?

i use the latest firmware i found at the sovol website: SV04 V1.1.0 Latest Firmware.
strangely enogh this problem isn`t solved after one shutdown. it keeps coming back…

Not Sure of this will help you out, but it might-



Found this one too while traveling around the net-…