Cleaned out extruder, now the 2nd extruder is ramming the gantry

I’m not sure what I loosened or messed up, but I took the extruder apart and cleaned the gears. The extruder seems to have lost its place. I opened it all back up and made sure all cables were seated well. It looks good.

If I try to move the 2nd extruder with the touch screen, or if I choose measure or home, it continuously moves to the right until I either shut down the system or I recive an Auto-Home failed error.

I figure I should just flash it and start over, but when I went to sovol to download the files I got overwhelmed. This is my first 3d printer, and while I’m not scared to get my hands dirty and learn the foundational things… I have no idea which one to download or what to do, other than turn it on with the SD card plugged in.

Help please

The current SV04 stock firmware & installing instructions are available here.

@Rapunzel, if you just took the extruder apart to clean up, it looks like a mechanical issue instead a firmware issue. The right extruder should move to the right until interrupt the light sensor, which indicates the movement limit. It looks like somehow the sensor is not detecting the carriage’s arrival. Try to make a deep analysis of the end-stop sensor.

I’ve had the same problem. Turned out that the cable bundle wasn’t tucked in close enough to the extruder and was preventing the limit probe from tripping the home position switch. This can be a problem with either extruder. To remedy, just position the cable bundle so that it doesn’t contact the gantry.

I have seen this too, and was the solution in my case