Issues regarding offset

hi, im having issues with my prints. currently my printer dosen’t start at the middle, and if i print large objects the filament goes off the side of the build plate. been on youtube to find a fix but no luck. all i have found out is that it is because the offset is wrong. first print out of the box failed and went off to the side.

anyone having the same issues or has some tips/fikses for me ?

This would be related to either the settings for your build sizes in your slicer software or the values stored in the printer.cfg if you are using Klipper.

Make sure that you’re bed size is set to 300w x 300d x 340h
Make sure that the Bed safe zone/center is 145x x 145y


ah, Tim: These values are ok for the SV07 PLUS. If Tropic has one, ok. If he just has an SV07 the bed size is just 220x220x250

Hi, I have the same problem. Printing doers not start at X- center any more, it starts in the left third. But it was working already. I have no clue why. Printer always crashes the left stop. I tried to check the end switches, they always show status “OPEN”, so I am not sure, if they are not present or not working. How can I test them?
Another question (sorry, a am a complete beginner) : I didnt get a connection with both version of cura to printer, but WEB IF is working fine. WIFI connection and upload should be possible, or am I thinking wrong.
Thanks for your Support!

This happens to a lot of people.
You try to stop it or hit home only to have half the extruder and LED’s try to crunch into your build plate. Then kill the power and manually raise the Z axis enough to get it above the build plate.

For some reason if you turn of the motors and move the extruder and bed to top left it will home back to normal again.

As mentioned above you can adjust the the Printer settings to 220x220x250 Z axis in the G-code and also depending on the slicer also change it.

I thought it was the probe but that did not change anything.