Prints start off good then as soon as fans start print detaches from the plate

so I just recently got a SVO7 plus and i have done all of the calibration steps but whenever i try to print something it starts off ok but then like 20 seconds into the print it messes up and detaches from the plate.
Does anyone have any tips? I have tried calibrating the bed and the z axis already.

What slicer and settings are you using? With “normal” settings in OrcaSlicer (or PrusaSlicer if you make settings for it) the part cooling fan doesn’t start until you hit layer 3. Unless your model is very small, 20 seconds is way to early to start layer 3.

Crank up the bed heat. Thank lil’ sucker will stay if you move it to around 60C.

Are you using anything to help the print adhere to the bed? My goto procedure has been cleaning with IPA (or even dish soap and pad before the alcohol), then laying down hairspray just before the print. Also wondering - what speed are you running for the job?

Sometimes you will need to go back and restart the job with some change to the procedure or settings. Print object warping through differential cooling + differential bed adhesion are the main culprits of this. I have only recently tried moving into using more of the bed surface area at the same time, and the experience is telling me to perhaps modify that big parts cooling fan (on the back of the X axis slider) to cover the full width of the bed. The important thing is, when the print starts to show signs of trouble, cancel it and go back to try something different.

Yes we solved the problem but now the printer bed will not heat up can someone help, I am currently unable to print anything because it keeps telling me that I need to reboot it but when i do it still says the same thing any tips?

This will sound incredibly stupid, but did you try turning the fan off if that causes the problem?