Why is it turning off the heat mid print?

I just got my SV06+ five days ago and it is impressive. My first print was a benchy with the settings as it came out of the box. I didn’t change anything and it was a nearly perfect print, better than anything I got from my old printer.

As I got to calibrating it, I had some rough, but mostly very good prints.

Now today comes the first problem. Three times I have started a print and then noticed it wasn’t printing anything. Then I noticed the temp of the hot end and bed had been set to 0. Once was just after it started the 2nd layer, another time it happened on the first layer, halfway through.

I am using the Sovol cura slicer and the SD card to print. I looked at the setting but can’t see anuthing that would do this. I also looked at the gcode and the only M104, M109, M140, M190 commands are at the beginning to warm it up and at the end to shut it down.

I am hoping someone knows what might be causing this.

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My guess would be the timeout, it is kinda short of the Plus.
Basically, if you set temps to PLA then walk away for say 5 min before you start the print, the hotend will shut off during leveling or right after the purge line.
You pretty much have sit with it till the nozzle & bed reach 195* & 60*.

I don’t know if this is what caused the problem, but it hasn’t happened again. I normally set the bed and nozzle temp manually and wait for them to warm up before printing. The gcode does this also, so it’s not necessary but it’s just how I do it.

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Try just hitting the PLA button, once the temps hit 195* & 60* select your file & hit print.

I rarely print PLA. I use PETG most often with 235° hot end and 80° bed.

I would like to change the presets to something more useful. I expect that will require rebuilding the firmware.