Temperature failure?

So got my sv06 plus printing.
Did pid tune.

But i have had the temperature not reaching the set temperature error twice.

Does anyone have any experience with this error?

Yes, I’ve had intermittent, but repeated failures on hot end. So far, it happens only for very high temps, when trying to print at 300 or close to it. A 22 hour print with PETG temps had no issues.

I’m getting two different error messages, one which starts “Restart printer. Temperature drifted too far from set point” (nozzle reports 289 and target is 300) and another which says I have a “thermal runaway” and to restart the printer. Support instructed to initialize EEPROM as a way of restoring factory settings, including PID, but that did not help. I’m asking for an RMA return since support says the printer is not actually capable of printing 300 degrees, at least for long prints.

“it is recommended not to carry out limit [i.e. max=300] temperature printing for a long time, will have a certain impact on the printer”

Okay so it is something funky in the printer firmware.

I was printing a 240 for petg when it happened so if it happens freqeuntly ill contact support.

For now im happy with my first petg benchy haha

Clear your eeprom and put your settings back in.

Put PID settings back in? They appear to be exactly the same after initializing EEPROM

No im on the ship i work at.
And i have my printer standing at my sisters place next time im there ill do some printing for her and see if it gives that error again.

it is more likely to have ‘thermal runaway’ or hot end temperature errors in colder weather when the hotend has had the ‘plastic/rubber(actually silicone) sock’ removed as more of the heater cartridge power is used to heat the air surrounding the hotend and it does not GET to the set temperature within the 2 minutes time limit , the the thermal timeout/runaway error happens ( to prevent a fire starting due to the thermistor having been disconnected from the hotend/bed)

It was printing already it was at temperature but then it gave the error.

Also was like 28 degrees celsius and sock is still on.

But i will remember that might be handy to know.

I ran my PID tune after getting machine. They do send you a ready-to-go machine. You should be fine.

Yeah it worked out of the box but after pid tune it does stay on target better.

Now it drops only 1 degree before it was 5 to 10 degrees difference

Update this error was caused by the thermistor connector not making good contact all the time when it disconnects the printer thinks the nozzle is -29 degrees celsius.

Fixed it by pushing the connector in and a drop of arts and crafts childrens glue to hold it in place.
Now its happily printing