Extruder prehear temp set to 0 after selecting print from media

Just got my SV06 the other day. sucessfully printed the test boat, and another simple object.

I am brand new to 3d printing.

Then the next time i tried to print i noticed that when i hit print and it would usually start heating up. the target temp that usually shows above the current temp was 0 and the actual temp was staying ambient. The surface temp was still set to 60 and rising.

i did some research, and found the temp setting in the sovol cura slicing SW and it is set correctly. I looked with a text editor at the sliced file and the temp seems to be set correctly.

Anyone know whats up?

I already did a firmware update when the first thing that happened was it started salaming the nozzel into the surface and scraping it along.

I can get it to heat up by navigating to “preheat PLA”, and got it to print once by doing that first. but the next time it stoped extruding partway through and im thinking that might be because it stopped maintaining the temp. not sure though.