SV06 Plus loosing z offset

While I am new to 3D printing and the SV06 Plus is my first printer, I am not new to looking for solutions to my problems. However I am at a total loss here as I am having issues with consistent first layers.

I have leveled the Gantry
Run Auto Bed Leveling
Set the z-offset using a piece of paper
Saved the settings.
Check the z-offset
Save the settings again
Check the z-offset a third time.
Save the settings.

The next print is real close to being spot on and works fine. However following prints don’t work as well. The z offset seems to get lower so the first layer gets thinner. This happens with each print until the first layer is almost nonexistent if I don’t reset the offset. I am lucky to get 2 prints before I need to reset the offset so I have gotten to the point that I do this before each print. Is the inductive probe to blame or is it user error??

OK, So it kinda sounds like the “thermal expansion of the hotbed” is given you problems, a coldbed/warmbed vs hotbed will make your first layer height very different- and if your trying to set a Z-Offset you must keep the bed at 60degs- (or whatever print temperature your going to be using for your prints) when setting the Z-Offset-.

So, PLA+

Manual turn on the hotbed to 60degs and let it sit for about 10min-. (this will let Hotbed reach its maximum expansion rate for this temperature)

Make sure your nozzle tip is clean from any filament -

Then home your printer, now set your Z-Offset using the piece of to roughly get it in place, i have mine so it almost rips the paper then hit Save-.

Now do test print of a XYZ-Cube to check first layer height-

Now if its to high, just stop the print and remove the print from the bed, then home the printer and move the nozzle down a little bit “(don’t use the paper)” you know it’s to high, so just hit the 0.01mm button a couple of times then Save and try again,

The same if its to low, but let it do a couple of layers so its easier to remove-

but don’t use the paper again, its only a guild for the first time so you don’t ram your nozzle into the bed and not for setting the Offset as it can cause problems-.

i actually do most of my printing at 35degs/40degs and a Gluestick so the thermal expansion of the Hotbed isn’t really a problem for me–

First layers just take practice and time to learn, and don’t get to caught up in the perfect first layer roundabout, after 9yrs a can set mine with a 2sec glance at the print-- it just takes time to learn-

If you put a big skirt or brim around the XYZ-Cube, you can manual adjust the layer height as its printing in the LCD menu, just make sure you hit the 0.01mm

then enter that amount into the off-set later,

**inductive probes will either “work” or “don’t work” -. ( but i have heard that electrical interference can make them “Play-Up” a little bit-…

All the Best-.