Bed leveling sovol sv06 plus


I am new in this, but i am having a problem with the bed leveling, its been more than a week and i dont find a solution, the problem is that i have done everything to level my hot bed, but i get bad prints in the center because the material im using (PLA) doesnt adhere to the hot bed, its a bit weird because in the corners i get better results (It adheres way better), but in the center i cant get anything good (As if my hot bed was sunk in the center).

Could you please help me with this? I would be so gratefull.

Thanks a lot!

This can be 1 of two things. You can have a crap PEI sheet like me or your z offset simple isnt right.

First things first, get your z gantry even on both sides. To do that, I recommend this tool. You will need a reliable printer to print the,. You can use soup cans that are the same size as well.

Then do your z offset. What I do is use a sheet of copy paper from my printer and take the nozzle right to the sheet so it kisses and cant move. I then back if off until I can slide the paper back in for so it still scrapes but doesnt bunch up. From there you will want to use a calibration print to fine tune the Z offset. I recommend THE TEST DISC | Z-Offset Calibration Disc by K2_Kevin - MakerWorld.

If you still cant get it to stick, try some elmers disappearing purple glue or some aquanet hair spray (purple can). I use hair spray, because with everything calibrated correctly, it does not stick.

Thanks for everything!

Yes, i think we both have the same PEI sheet… but if i remove the PEI sheet i still have the same problem with the leveling of the hot beed.

I will study the first link that you sent to me because at the moment i dont really get what is that for. Also the paper thing is what i do for the Z offset but still get the same result, so i hope that the first link helps!

Thanks a lot!

Read the post above mine also…to understand the numbers.

A few days ago a forum member also had problems leveling the board.
Despite all these efforts, the first layer did not print correctly.
After many questions, I realized that after leveling he did not save the settings.
Wouldn’t you have the same problem?

hahaha i wish that was the problem but no no, i did it like 50 times and saved it all of them but thanks a lot!

You’re welcome and good luck.