Z wobble help plz

I printed a tall print and noticed the zwobble pattern.

Now i wish to improve it but how?
I lubed everything i squared the frame the beat i can.
I tried without the bearing on top of the leadscrews.
I tightened all screws.

Can somebody tell me what to look for?
And maybe any known fixes?

Have you calibrated the start/end point ?
Have you tried the vase mode ?

Does the print look like that all the down…??
Check your belt tension & add a brim when printing anything tall to help to keep it from moving.

What do you mean by start and end point calibration?
Im kinda new to printing most calibration things i am unsure off i do know pid tuning hehe.

And i am going to try vase mode havent thought about that

Yes it started light but got a bit more noticeable upward this also had a brim but my current zwobble test cylinder doesnt have a brim.
The brim might have helped a bit because my thinner test print is worse ill post a picture in a bit

thinner test

Ya, that’s pretty bad. What resolution is this…??
Also, since it starts right away…have you checked your nozzle…??

Is this PLA or PETG…??

The cotton pad thing is petg and the thin test is pla
Cotton was 0.15 and thin bit is 0.2mm

And i tried vasemode and its a lot less.
I also tried fiddling with the tension screw on the lever with the filament roller(unpowered side)
That may be contributing but i am kinda looking myself crazy at it right now so i put it to print woth less tension on the lever and in 15 min or so ill tighten it to see what happens.

The tension lever loosened is maybe a little better
Gonna try switching nozzle now could it really be that simple? haha

Is it normal that the end of the thread gets blackish?

Gonna try a vase mode if that shows any improvement ill do the normal testprint during the night(its just 2 hours but its 10 o clock right now)

I haven’t had to replace my nozzle yet, so I don’t know.
It could be a partial clog or worn depending on what filaments you’ve tried.

What are you fan settings for PLA & PETG…??
PLA should be 100% and PETG anywhere from 0% to 30%.

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I disassembled my printer to lube the bearings. When I assembled it, I didn’t tap the 10mm rods all the way into the slot. (they were just sitting on top).

Took me a week to figure out that they needed to be tapped so that they went in a cm or so and stabilize the Z axis. Night and day difference.

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So nozzle swap doesnt seem to make a difference unfortnately.
Fan settings are as you said.

And the rods are in but i did give them a “love tap” to be sure hehe.

Not sure yet if it will make a difference but ill let it print now and go sleep.

And i saw humidity makes a difference as well so i threw my petg in the dryer for the night and if th pla print still shows wobble ill try the petg again to be sure it isnt humidity.
I am starting to doubt wether or not i dried my petg before printing.

In the meantime i do wanna thank you all for helping me it helps to get some guidance instead of just going down a rabbithole of zwobble on google because there is way too much misinformation.

Morning everyone i think the lobe tap may have helped quite a bit because it looks a lot better.

When i get the chance today ill do pid tune again.
I am unsure wether i did the pid with cooling fan on or partially on.
So best to rule it out.

I am an idiot dried petg looks a lot better.
I think the love tap and drying it made it better.

There is a fainy zwobble still but i can live with this.

I think ill take a look at buying new bearings.
And when i do that ill take a proper look at the leadscrews might be worth to see if there is anything else i can do.

I always print from a dryer, it might be something for you to look in to.

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Yeah thats why i didnt think of humidity cause i did print from the dryer but i didnt dry it properly before printing so its a bit of a stupid misstake on my part haha

Tommorow we will see if it actually printed the whole thing better haha

Upon better review with better lighting the zwobble still remains it is less by a tiny margin but its stil there.

Even on a perfect print, better lighting will always show layer lines.

Yeah but the lines im seeing is not just layers.
Thats what bugging me i wanna try to get it better haha