Print started printing offset after a couple hours?

Hi, I’m making a statue of a dog with a name in front of it. Everything started off well and I went to bed. When I woke up the printer started printing like 1-1.5cm to the right compared to the original position. See pictures. This is nothing that showed up in the slicer nor in my 3D design. Everything looked fine and normal.

Anyone know what caused this hiccup to print offset?

I re-sliced the design and started the print over so let’s see how it turns out when I get back home. But interested to know if someone had the same issue or have any idea why this happened? I just try to learn more about printing and understand why things go wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps the supports buckled or the base moved during printing.

Thanks for your replay. That’s a good guess. The last letter I (not shown in the picture) were all messed up. But if the whole base/print moved sideways because of that I assume it wouldn’t move straight in that axle line, maybe just move a little bit and get skewed/rotated? The base of the statue were also stuck pretty good to the bed and seemed to be centred as were it started to print. So I do not think this was the case this time.

I’ve had this happen before. The nozzle hits the print and the Z motor skips steps. Your belt tension might be a little too high. If adjusting that doesn’t work, consider turning on Z Hop.

Aah! That makes so much sense now. That’s definitely it. Will take a closer look at those settings. Haven’t had this happening to me after this occasion. I think the faster support print speed might have cause this to happen.

Big thanks for the feedback!