Why is my staff the only piece that’s not printing properly

A little stringy but that’s not the problem. My print looks good for the most part but my staff gets all wiggly. What’s weird is I’m printing using a brim and a base now and the bottom of the staff looks great but the same middle layers look like crap on the next print. Right above the hand it’s cracked as well.
Below are my specs
Sovol sv06
.4 nozzle
.08 layer height with .24 initial
1.2mm wall thickness with 3 wall lines
50% infill
200 print temp and 60 bed temp
20 mm/s print speed
Z hop enabled and fans on 100%
Using tree support structure
2mm retraction at 40mm/s speed

Can you post a link to the original model…??
Also if you have it, a pic before the brim & supports were removed.

I don’t have a pic with the brim but the parts attached to the brim all looked good

Well, looking at the model pics…you really don’t see anything…but
looking at the 1 user made print it looks like the bottom of the staff is rounded.

Two things:
1: designer & maker both used resin printers. Some models you just can’t do in FDM unless you make them bigger.
2: I would guess that the staff is being dislodged from the brim, causing the layer shift.

I would drop the model down through the plate a little to get the staff completely flat…this will make the feet & tail a little thinner.
Set your Initial Layer +10, if you print at 200* set initial layer to 210*.
Drop your retraction back to 0.5, stock setting…no need to ever change this.
Turn off Z Hop.
Set your brim lines to 10, make sure it covers everything everything on 1st layer…feet, tail, staff & especially supports. You want to use it to hold everything together.
Use Gyroid infill.


You resize the model say…250-300%.

Good Luck

I really appreciate it thank you! I’ll try your first steps and see if that’s the issue. I’m avoiding sizing it up too much since I have it set so the base fits properly on a 1” square.