Unpacking, unstable base. Wait for aftersale now. Look how it happened

I just received my machine. Product very well protected in its box but a plate screw received twisted (seen during the change to put the silicone pads). A trace of small shock on the rear profile. Base not level (no deformation visible to the naked eye but it would be necessary to disassemble to properly check the aluminum profiles. Non-adjustable feet. A cover and a plate clamp missing. I hope that the after-sales service is reactive and will find me a solution.
It’s my first printer and I’m very disappointed because I can’t use it as it is. I can’t catch up with 4mm of play with the silicones to put my tray straight and I’m afraid that something else is bent. Have you ever had an unstable base?
Picture in IRL

Could you please let me know which platform you bought the machine from? You need to contact with customer service to solve this problem, and I will provide the customer service email for you.
Thank you

I bought it on the sovol site. or else I’ve already had because of the price because we charge in dollars and not in euros. I have already paid 390 instead of 370 because the paypal exchange rate is at 1.02 and not 0.95… the response from your services is at the normal conversion rate of 0.95 so no problem, in this case there are always costs when exchanging currency.
If you ask for euros you have to charge euros otherwise I will have to buy elsewhere

I have already sent an email (info@sovol3d.com) and I am waiting for the return of the after-sales service now.
It was to find out if it had happened to someone with a machine that is not 4 feet on the ground. I will put the answer and the time on the forum. it is important to know how an after-sales service reacts to its customers