Unclogging SV06 Plus

Hello, I am new to 3d printing and am unsure if how to unclog the extruder nozzle of my SV06 Plus printer. So far I have gleaned that a needle should be pushed through the nozzel from above and below to clear the passage. At the moment the extruder assembly is positioned at the bottom close to the bed, thus whilst a needle can be passed down through the filament entry hole at the top, (in a downwards direction) a needle cannot be passed through the nozzle from below (in an upward direction) given the proximity of the extruder assembly to the bed. I would appreciate advice as to how to raise the extruder assembly to allow the needle to pass from below.

Incidentally, I think that the clog might have been caused by the filament (PLA) being snagged on the reel as there were two pieces of filament appearing through the side face of the reel causing snagging, stopping of the rotation of the reel and inability to pay out the filament.

how I clear nozzles (in all of my printers) heat up to highest filament temp(usually 240c) then with a 1.5mm to 1.8mm wire at least 200mm long, I push down though the heat-sink and hot end/nozzle until I can not push any further(or at least till the wire is approximately at the nozzle by the length pushed through, then remove the wire. there should have been a significant length of filament extruded from the nozzle