Sovol SV06 clogged nozzle

Are there Instruction on how to disassemble the SV06 Hotend? The nozzle on my printer is clogged and It’s not obvious how to disassemble it for service.

Hi, Firstly you need to remove the extruder out.
Firstly, please remove the cable above the extruder, and unscrew the 3 screws that fix the extruder to remove the extruder from the bracket.

And then remove the 3 screws that fix the adapter board module and remove the cables on the module.

Remove the screw on the upper right as marked, and loosen the screws on the bottom left(because there is one more screw nearby, you can only loosen it, no need to remove it)

The extruder is disassembled, clean the parts and check if the gear or the screw fixing the gear is loosen

Next, you can follow this video to clean the nozzle. The difference is that you don’t need to take out the PTFE since sv06 has all metal hotend.

If it is not clear or not easy to understand, please let me know. :wink:

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Thank you, those instructions are very helpful.

I am considering using a 0.6 nozzle.
Is this the same nozzle as the SV01?
Or like the popular accessories from china?

poor quality at the nozzle results in bad prints

The SV 02 has a special nozzle…

These instructions worked for me. Many thanks !!

You can use any MK8 nozzle with the SV06. One of the first things I do with any printer is swap out the factory nozzle for a 0.6mm.