The hardened nozzels are now available on Sovol Website!

Arrgghh! OK, I’ll order them now, even though I can’t use them until my heater block issue is resolved.

Sovol, I am counting on YOU!

Saving someone the trouble.

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I’m not really printing anything at the moment that would require hardened nozzles. But I expect that I will in the future. Is there any harm in swapping my stock nozzle and installing these permanently?

From what I can find, it’s not a good idea unless you are printing a lot of high-temp, carbon or teflon filament.

Here’s a good video: Why You Need a Hardened Steel Nozzle For Your 3d Printer - YouTube

For the none youtube types

The one thing I don’t like about the new nozzle package is it forces you to buy the other nozzles which most will not use. I think opening up a few more packages so people can use a pack of a single nozzle size or even a single nozzle.