Settings for 1.0mm nozzle Printing!?

hi folks,
i bought the hardened nozzle set and in this set there is a nozzle with 1.00mm diameter.

now i ask me wich settings i need to change in prusaslicer (with this sliceer i got the best results)
i found the point where i can change nozzle diameter.
BUT is that enough?
did i change also the layer high to maybe 1.00? or less?
can i print in same speed as my other prints will do?
does anyone have printed with sv06+ with this nozzle before?
i also have cura installed and adjusted.
tell me whats your ideas about the settings what would you change to print with that fat nozzle?

Haven’t done it on my Sovol SV06+, or all the way up to a 1.0mm

On my AnyCubic Mega P I used a 0.8mm and had to up my temp to 210 - 215 C otherwise kept just about everything the same.

Double check number of outer walls compared to outer wall size, I had an issue of failed prints to too many walls placed right on top of each other same Z height.

THX for info I will try it in a few days.