Does anyone have a PrusaSlicer Config for the SV06 yet they could share?

Hi All,

After running into problems with some of my technical designs, I was recommended to try PrusaSlicer as it handles smaller parts better than Cura (the issue).

I’ve looked at the PS settings, but I’m thoroughly lost in getting things set up for the SV06. I tried just using the default in-built Mk3 config, but no luck.


I used the default MK3S config and just changed the bed shape (size) and max height and that was it. Zero problems for me. I saw some people say they needed to change the extrusion multiplier and/or retraction settings. I had more issues when I used the retraction settings Sovol recommended for Cura vs using the stock MK3S settings.

I didn’t change the start/end gcode or anything. That doesn’t match what Sovol recommends in Cura, but either way, I’m getting great results without any other changes.

Here’s a OneDrive public link to an export of the config I’ve been using if it helps, but I’d just copy the MK3S profile to a new name, change the bed shape & max height, and see if that doesn’t work first.

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Thanks @AdamByram - I uncovered the issue this morning. During a test print it dawned on me the the printer was quieter than normal. Took a closer look/listen and discovered that the parts cooling fan was never coming on.

I manually fixed that in the Gcode for one of my small parts and - BINGO!

The moral of the story - parts cooling is important.

The MK3/MK3S is doing the job.

However, choosing the MK3S, checking teh default fan speed for PETG (75%) and modifying the build volume also has it sorted in Cura (both versions).

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