Another nozzle problem

I notice this picture mentions carbon fiber yet the only nozzle available for the plus is brass. when I print carbon fiber and it destroys my nozzle will sovol warranty the nozzle?

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They are making more variation of nozzles, and since you are already saying you know it wont work without issue Id say its on you. They don’t “clarify” in the ad that some of those materials will need hardened steel nozzles that’s on them. But they are saying to experienced users, that it has the ability to print those by temp.

Its one of those when you know you assume the world does… I can relate to that. But yes they should dumb it down I guess :slight_smile:

***hardened steel nozzles required for some materials shown - would fix that :nerd_face:


I agree, inexperienced hobbyists most likely won’t go directly to filament requiring specialized nozzles but…there will be that one person who will try to jump right into it without the necessary knowledge. Next thing you know it’s a demand for money back and/or bad review.

I would also recommend they add the caveat you mentioned. Especially considering that the SV05’s nozzle is not swappable with other readily available nozzles, that would upset some people. I’m not particularly upset, but it would have been nice to know that they don’t have the nozzles available yet.

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New to forum , sv06, 2 years ender 3v2, and still have noob moments. Thanks for heads up on nozzles. Doesn’t look like the sv06 uses same nozzles as ender3, stock metal hot end. Sigh…just ordered a bunch of nozzles thinking they would fit. Very,very,very used to manual leveling, in spite of yellow spring upgrade.
OT: Little less than two hours assemble, auto level, to print the included benchy, for 1st time ever :). Never bothered with the ender.