ETA On Replacement Parts?

First overnight print attempt has murdered the print head! So when might we be able to order replacement parts?

This looks similar to what happen to me. I caught it soon and got the filament out in time but talk to sovol and they are sending me a new head.

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I managed to get the head out, but the thermistor wires were too far gone (the thermistor wire being pulled from the connector is the only thing that stopped the printer.) I’ve sent an email to Sovol so I’m just waiting to hear back.

On the positive side…one of the easiest to work on extruder modules I’ve had on a printer!

You maybe waiting for a good while, took them a week to get back to me FYI

Just took them a couple days to get back to me

I just ran into the same problem. Thermistor was embedded into a blob of filament and not recoverable.

I found a fix for this by accident. Just put a washer over the nozzle. The filament collects on the washer not the nozzle. Youo need to adjust your z though.

Nice! I’ll definitely give that a try!

To answer my own question here…apparently from the moment I contacted Sovol to holding the new parts in hand is about 16 days. Not bad considering this is still considered a prerelease product! Anyway…I’m back printing again and this nozzle/hot end seems to being doing a little better job than the original even!

Exactly the same outcome i had last week for no reason.

Hi What do you mean “Over” the nozzle ?



------------- washer
___---------- nozzle
___---------- nozzle
___-/--------- nozzle

This also just happened to a few of our classroom SV06+ !!! Our printers are less than 3 months old.
Students ran jobs overnight hoping to come the next morning to find a completed print, instead of the Chernobyl meltdown! How might I get either the hotend - thermistor replacement for FREE from SOVOL?