New printhead for SV06

Hy! Unfortunately i had a heatcrap on my SV06 with the result, i didn´t get the hotend out. The screws were to tight and now they are rounded up. My question is: Where do i buy an new complete Hotend/Extruder unit, so i don´t have to mess around with the old one? Thanks for quick answers.

I had the same problem. I sent an email to Sovol. They said they’ll to send me a new extruder. It’s coming from China, so I’ll be down for awhile.

The fan and fan duct on my extruder was so loose it was hanging down and collided with the build. I didn’t realize it until after the disaster. What a mangled melted mess!

Check every screw on your SV06. So many on mine were loose and some even missing out of box.

Ok. Thanks for info! Are u sure that they send u the whole unit? (Extruder,Hotend,Fans and Probe Sensor)

I also had a bad clog in my nozzle. I was not able to disassemble the heatblock … its all broken and still no replacement parts available.

Here’s text from my email conversation with Emily at Sovol. I hope it’s the whole thing.

“Back to the replacement parts, the extruder assembly and also nozzle fan duct will be sent out soon. And could you please provide a picture of the serial code underneath the power supply to us too? It is needed for problem registration.”

I think the hotend is the most vulnerable part. I found this on AliExpress and ordered it as a backup. This one is plated and capable of higher temperature, but they also have the bare aluminum block version similar to what’s on the SV06.
If it’s too big, I’ll remove the plating.
If it doesn’t work on the SV06 it was an inexpensive gamble.

Here’s a photo of it. Looks like it will fit the SV06:

You are right “it looks like” but it’s an s1 hotend and their size are completely different. It’s to small .Don’t fit.

I’m in contact with sovol and hope they can sent me spare parts. If not I’ll try ender cr10 v2 Heatblock… but heartbreak has very uncommon measurements