Proprietary Nozzle?

Does the Sv06 plus have a propreitary nozzle or can it use any volcano nozzle?

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They said on the launch livestream that it was proprietary. It’s similar to a volcano, but I believe they (or someone in chat) said it was shorter than traditional ones so you can’t just swap in an off the shelf nozzle.

That’s unfortunate and honestly kind of a bonehead move.

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I was a little surprised too. You can always swap in the SV06 toolhead from the sound of it so you can use regular MK8 nozzles. I don’t understand why it’s similar, but not quite the same though - seems like you’d either want to change a lot or use an existing design, not something in-between like this. I believe it was mentioned that a regular volcano nozzle is 20mm and this one is 10mm. If that’s really the only difference, then perhaps it’ll be pretty easy to find shorter ones in the future.

They did mention they are looking to offer different nozzle sizes & hardened steel versions, so those will come (from Sovol themselves) but no ETA.

I’ve been playing with the idea of swapping out my SV06 hotend with a volcano to see what the big deal is and since I’m pretty disappointed by what the Plus offers I’ll probably just go ahead and make it my project printer.

I read it just shaped different and based on pics appears to have the same amount of threads? Maybe needs z adjust. It would be odd to create their own for a budget unit but I guess we’ll see.

Lost in Tech’s YouTube channel had a side by side comparison to the regular volcano in this video:

Look at the 1:51 or so timestamp.

Sovol ones are slightly longer (he said 2mm longer) - it looked like both the nozzle bit itself and the threaded bit on the back are both longer by just a bit.

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I discovered this only after I pre-ordered. I must admit, it does concern me and is giving me second thoughts. I don’t really like the idea of being tied to a proprietary nozzle. Bit of a shame.

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100% I ordered one before I realized I had no options for nozzles. That is the problem with my old printer. I have a 3D Systems Cube 3. It was discontinued and parts are getting hard to find anywhere. The lack of replacements for the nozzles is what killed it for me. I really hope Sovol fixes this.

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Hope they do too. But in my case i cancelled my order and got a different printer.

I ended up ordering the 4 pack of extra when I found this out. I’m sure someone will have or make them. Maybe on wish app.

Sovol says they are working on steel nozzles and other diameters. But even if they don’t, I’m sure some 3rd party will make them.

If the standard Volcano tips are longer, but have the same thread pitch, I’d be tempted to just cut one down and see if that works.

Still on pre-order wait, so I can’t check pitch of the nozzle.

here’s the information on using volcano style nozzles Use volcano nozzles - SV06 Knowledge Base

this is is 23 mm tip to tip

looks like an exact match for SV06p
and its steel

also on ebay

it came in , wrench does not fit so had to use another side. But when I print the filament does not tick to the bed.

I did the leveling, and did the 25 bed level, and use glue but this tip does not let filament stick?

Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth - If you install a 5015 fan mod with the duct available from TH3D and on printables ( you can apparently use “standard” nozzles. Tim does a YT video, also linked on his fan kit page (SV06/SV06 Plus 5015 V2 Layer Fan Upgrade Kit - TH3D Studio LLC) and near the end (approx 8:05) he says one of the advantages of the better cooling is that you can use “standard” nozzles.

I’ve bought some of the Sovol ones, it comes in a pack of six - two x 0.4, two x 0.6, one x 0.8 and one x 1.0 mm. This was before I found out about using the standard nozzles. I’m probably not going to use the bigger ones but you never know. Handy to have.

Anyone with a 5015 mod tried to use standard nozzles on a plus?



For a Hardened Nozzle, you have to increase the hotend temp about 10* for each filament type you use.

"10 * " I hope that means degrees and not time :slight_smile:

turns out I didn’t need to do that for the Sovol replacement hard-ended nozzle. But pretty sure the printer does not really allow z offset. Use their length, or give up.