Sv07plus bed level adjustment screws too long

As the title says i just recently got a sv07plus, which is my first 3d printer. I put it together, went to do the calibrations, while doing the initial bed level, i tighted the screws all the way tight , then backed them off 2 turns like it says, and the screws on the left side catch on the wires going to the stepper motor. So i backed each of them out 2 turns at a time and re checked. They rubbed pretty much until they were all the way loose. I tried pulling the wires tighter so they didn’t stick up as much. But that did nothing . Is this a common problem on these? Would i be better off getting shorter screws? Or try using the solid mounts that came with it?

Backwards first - the solid mounts won’t make a difference here since the same screws are used and you would probably need to screw them down to that same level.

However, my unit’s cables are anchored very tightly to the frame surface and even at the lowest adjustment, the screws clear the wiring. As for raising the bed, did you raise all 4 corners, or just the left rear?