Sv07plus bed leveling screws way too long

First off I am new to 3d printing and this is my first printer, sv07 plus. I put it together, teightening every screw as i went along to make sure nothimg was loose. While doing the starting calibrations , i got to the bed leveling and when i tightened the screws and backed off the 2 turns i noticed that the bed leveling screws are too long, the left rear was hitting the wires for the stepper motor on top of the case where it is held down. I tried pulling the wires more tight so they dont stick up too much , but it still hits. I tried becking them off 2 turns at a time and re checking it, and it hits until the screw is damn near all the way loose. Is this a common problem? Should i try usimg the solid mounts amd screws for the bed? Or should i just get shorter screws and keep it spring mounted? I would appreciate some help . I have tried lookimg on google, youtube, reddit, etc and so far cant fimd anything. Please help…

I don’t own an SV07, but I know about them.

I would put on the solid mounts, it will make leveling a lot easier in the future.

As for the wires, the stepper plugs into the front & runs to the bottom of the box…the flat extruder/hotend wire is on the top.
Can you post a pic or video showing what your issue is…??

Sure when i get home i will tale pics and upload them. Thank you for helping, i greatly appreciate it

Help is defined by the receipient

but reeading your postcaused me to feel the need to share advice.

put the plus on a shelf, with all the bits, figure it’ll be 6 months easy before you reaquaint yourself to it.

Get a SV-06
there is a well documented pathway to mitigate the 2~3 quirks it has.
then you have something that you can use with relative ease and thenceforth learn the thiss and thatz and the why come that wayz ??

after you’ve melted 30 lbs or so of plastic, you can get past all you have on you plate today, with satisfaction rather than bewilderment.

My old boss had an Rx-7, in dark grey

Hi there,

Like you Im new to 3d printing and the SV07+ is my first printer.
I had the same issue with the rear screws catching on the stepper motor cables.
1st- I peeled the tape that was holding the cables and removed the cable tie holding it down.
2nd- While holding the cables taut (remembering to be gentle), I reattached the tape to the cables.

I havent had an issue with any cable being snagged by the screws since.
Moreso, I added another ziptie to the stepper motor cables but found the clearance to between the screw and the zip-tie buckle was too close and removed it.

Hope this helps amigo.