SV07 Plus elongates vertical through-holes

Hi, and thanks for your attention. I’m new on this forum and perhaps there’s information about this I just couldn’t find.

I’m having some trouble getting accurate prints from my Klipper SV07 Plus printer even after calibrating steppers and realizing decent X/Y/Z and extrusion dimensions. Specifically, circular holes printed vertically turn out horizontally elongated so they’re wider than they are tall. I’ve read that the upper layers around the hole (i.e. the bridging portion of the hole) can sag and leave an elongated-looking
teardrop-shaped hole, which can be mitigated with cooling, print speed, and well-calibrated extrusion. I have done my best to eliminate this, and sagging wasn’t really that bad around these tiny (~ 3mm) holes. I’ve also read that it might have something to do with print head deceleration and corner velocity settings, whereupon the extruder moves too quickly when laying down the sides of the hole to deposit enough plastic there so that the hole sides are thin and elongated.

For the latter concern, I’m just not sure how to address it. Furthermore, I can’t be sure that’s my problem instead of a red herring. I’m hoping somebody here will recognize this type of issue and its potential causes and resolutions. I have tried simply slowing down the print job to 60mm/s but still see the problem.

Any thoughts?


Have you measured the holes? Are you sure that they are elongated (as in wider diameter than they should have)?
Perhaps they are “squished” on top and / or bottom? (as in shorter diameter than they should have)