Nozzle sizes

Good morning everyone;
What is the smallest nozzle size you could realistically use on the SV07+? It is a fast printer but it is also capable of doing high precision work. For some applications (such as dual-color overlays for micro keyboards like the M5 CardKB) I need pretty high resolution. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I used 0.2 mm successfully. However, I would not describe the printing “fast” in any way :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. I am presently using the SV07+ for its strengths. A friend tried bigger nozzles (for faster prototyping) then ran into limitations on the filament feed end … suffice to say the SV07+ is optimized for 0.4mm. So I would just run the fine job on another, smaller printer that doesn’t even need to be too fast … it’s a keyboard overlay requiring some raised lettering in a different color.

Agreed regarding (much) larger nozzles. The extruder is optimized for 0.4mm and reaches it’s limits at full speed. However, I also used 0.6 and even 0.8 with success, but I had to tinker with the flow settings. A lot. So finally I had not much benefit regarding print speed, but a lot regarding layer stickyness and overall stability (funny enough, my SV07 is still faster than my BBL PS1, both with 0.4 nozzles - this changes when I start using bigger nozzles).

Anyway, if you use a smaller nozzle (0.2 - not sure if even smaller ones are even available) you just have to turn down the flowrate. SLOWER is no problem for the extruder :slight_smile:

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