Clogging / heat creep

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone else experiences clogging and heat creep during printing? I had this 3 times in a few weeks now and never ever with my other printer.
I print quite fast, but only PLA with ~225. Since this is an allmetal hotend rated to 300° i am very shocked that i had to disassemble the extruder (and almost another time) now to remove the molten plastic from the gears.
At my place the room temperature is around 30-ish deg C but that shouldnt be a problem…

Any thoughts?

For others to read:

Yes. I recently got the SV07 three days ago and have as to clear our two blockages. Prior to the sv07 I’d never had to clear our a blockage. I initially thought maybe the supplied filament was just crap, but just a few minutes ago experienced another blockage with known good filament.

I’m gonna try running mine with the shroud removed (since it’s huge and annoying anyway), along with backing the tension screw off a bit, see if that helps.