Filament stopped printing on object and then clogged and melted around the nozzle. need help

I watched it print for ten minutes and it went well so i left it unattended and i came back to the print half done and this. currently snipping it away but if anyone knows how to make it easier.

The exact same here, now I am trying to find the motivation to clean it up without ruining the thermocouple. Ready to order a whole new print head but can’t even do that as spare parts for Canadians seems to be an issue

Been there!

Plug it back in and heat the nozzle to 160C. Then use tweezers to pull the softened filament off. Finish up with a tripled over paper towel.

This happened to me. I used a smal tip soldering iron to carefully remove the blob until is was down to the nozzle then plugged the nozzle back in and raised the temp up to melt the material around the nozzle and the thermistor. Hope this helps

That also worked for me - happened to me as well!


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If you own a printer you have dealt with a 50gram blob, or you will.

Tim is on the right track, just set it to 20c plus over what you printed at.

You need to soften it, dont muck about.
The area around the catrige and thermistor wires, and the heads of the mounting screws are what you need clean. Plastic transfers heat slowly so give it some time
There are some natural hair toothbrushes on amazon, come in a green tube. Get one.

After the dust settles,


If its just a knocked loose part, clean yo bed and party on

If it came out of the threads, then you had a bad seal at the heatbreak/nozzle joint.

The nozzle can be one handed, IF, you have the block mounted correctly.

The 6 has a heat block held in by 2 screws. The must be lightly and equally snugged.
The 6plus, they can be tightened normally, the 6 they are offset, and can be overtightened easily. A shim helps.

If you have minor odd layer line hiccups, or been hearing more nozzle strikes lately, check those heaterblock screws