It doesn't pull out filament and it locks with a noise

First, the problem with the bed cable that stopped and of course I couldn’t level the bed properly until I found the problem, now today this happens to me. I was printing and I heard a noise and I noticed that it was no longer printing and therefore the The piece was no longer useful, I looked to see if it had any jams and the bearings, I also looked to see if there was something inside and nothing, it went well for me when I reassembled the extruder for a few minutes but after 5 minutes it blocked again and stopped producing filament, and it didn’t. I think it’s from the filament since I opened it yesterday
I leave you a video so you can see what’s happening to me and I don’t know if you can give me a hand, I’ve had the printer for two weeks and I have a lot of headaches…:pensive::pensive:

From the video, I’d say you have a clogged nozzle.

Need more info:
What filament are you using…PLA, PETG…etc.
What filament did you print with before…PLA, PETG, etc…also what brand.

I cleaned the nozzle to see if it got stuck with the rod that comes with it and I also changed it for a 0.6 (I had a 0.8)…the filament is pla from the elegoo brand

For a blocked nozzle try to purge it at a much higher temperature.

The temperature during the purge has to be high enough to melt any filament material that was recently used that could still be lodged in the extruder nozzle.

EG if you most recently printed in ASA it’s no good installing a PLA filament and purging at 200 degrees as the residual ASA won’t melt! (Yes, I found this out the hard way)

I recently tried to switch from ASA to TPU and realised that there was clogging caused by residual ASA which would not melt properly at the purge temperature I use for TPU, which is around 210C.

However you cannot extrude TPU at 250 degrees needed for clearing out ASA, even as a purge as TPU goes mushy and will not extrude that hot.

I ended up having to install some PLA and do a purge using the PLA at 250 degrees, which PLA can handle for purging, then install the TPU and purge out the PLA at 210 degrees using the TPU…

TPU is a bit of an exception but in general your purge temperature should be high enough for the previous material you are removing, not the material you are switching to.