Sovol SVO6 fails printing around the same layer each time


I have the same problem as the first person that opened this topic and the picture that is posted is very similar like my failed print. What do I need to do to get assistance form the Sovol team? It jams up even with the benchy included in the SD card so we can eliminate the settings error.

I looked at the bimetal heatbreak through the gaps to look for possible answers and I can see that the heatbreak is possibly 1mm outside the cooling radiator. I had not disassembled anything.

Please tell me what to do.

Have you resolved your problem? I have the same problem at the same exact time like you do.

Email your photos and information to the sovol help email (Even link to this tread as it might help). They should get back to you soon but as said above they have staffing shortages due to covid isolations. Just be patient, they will respond. Best of luck and sorry I couldn’t help more.

I just wanted to add that I’m having similar issues. The inner extruder gear was loose, so I tightened that grub screw. The hot end was also loose, so I tightened that up as well. I have tried a bunch of different extruder door tensions and temperatures and filaments, but it looks like my extruder is just slipping (I have made sure the gears are free of filament debris).

Slipping SV06 extruder (IMGUR)

I’m hoping that Sovol can send a replacement extruder and that the shipping is relatively fast. It’s a bummer to have a down machine.


I’m also having similar issues, however my prints are failing after a few hours so not immediate.

@aroet how did you get to the extruder gear and how did you tighten the hot end?


I still think the slipping issue is weird, but I fixed it by tightening the tensioner spring more than I do on my other printers. It’s on the right side of the extruder behind the leveling probe. If you loosen the spring all the way you can get access to the extruder gears that interact with the filament. I recommend cleaning out any loose filament and metal with canned air and an acupuncture needle.

To tighten the hot end, I removed the entire extruder from the frame and started checking for loose bolts. The hot end has two screws that hold it to the extruder body on the heater block. Tightening those really helped my failure rate with fewer heat creep clogs.

Unfortunately, now I’m trying to figure out why my layer lines are so inconsistent and wobbly. I have lubed the rails and now I’m trying more temperatures. Hopefully I don’t have a wobbly z axis

Could you pls check if the gear is loosened? How to replace the extrusion gear | Sovol SV06 - YouTube

You may need to disassemble the extruder. Here is a tutorial video: How to disassembly and assembly extruder | Sovol SV06 - YouTube

I am having the same issue. I just got my printer and have tried to print the benchy 3 times and all 3 times it has failed around the same area. I have checked the slicing and checked to make sure the filament is not getting stuck. This seems to be an extruder problem. I would like to hear back from Sovol on this issue asap. Very frustrating.

Same here, tried the included benchy, sliced the E3DBuggy, tried tightening the extruder knob but it always fails. Will try and disassemble the extruder to confirm the gear is not loose.

I have done both of these and still cannot even print my first complete print of a benchy on a brand new printer…I am so far very disappointed in this purchase.

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Where does it start to fail?

I had this sort of issue for a while but after tweaking the temps (bed 60, extruder 200) and extruder knob I managed to get my prints to work as expected:

I just need to get the stringing under control:

Now… the weirdest one I have is a yoda that seems to fail at the same point. The really odd part is that I shrank it to 60% of full size expecting it to get further on but it is still failing at around the same point:

I was wondering if it was trying to do a filament change but not actually waiting for an “OK”, I’m printing with OctoPi, Ive looked in the gcode for the M600 code but it doesnt exist.

Anyone got any bright ideas on this one?!?


Low temperature. Increase your nozzle and bed temperature is my first guess.

It could be defective heat break.

I had something similar to this when i got 06. It jammed very hard. Try to pull the filament out and got stuck. Took it apart and try to melt the stuck filament. End up melting the connector too. Sovol send me a replacement heat break and fan. Clean the entire extruder. Grease the metal parts. Replace the heat break and fan.That actually fix my entire issue with 06.

No more fail print no more bed leveling issues.

It not hard to take the extruder apart. The tricky part is putting it back together. Grease help a lot. Don’t force it. Everything should snap back in place. If not you’re doing something wrong.

What i did to remove the stuck filament from the hole is a punch bit (or small screw driver or any metal that can fit through the hole). Heat the bit to red hot (make sure you don’t burn yourself) and drive it through the hole. Do it it a few times to burn away the filament.

You can see the filament stuck in the hole.

According to the picture, it should be that the nozzle is blocked. Use a needle to clean the filament that may be clogged on the nozzle under heating. Use the smallest wrench to clean up the filament that may be clogged in the throat part as if sending filament. Clean up the filament, check whether the extruder gear is loose and the discharge is not smooth, and lock the screw that fixes the gear

Adjust the tightness of the extruder arm. If it is too loose or too tight, it will affect normal feeding. If it cannot be fed normally, there will be problems with printing. Just adjust it so that it can discharge and feed normally.

Modeling needs to be supported. The hand of the model in the picture is not printed out, and the part of the printing hand is not able to discharge normally. The filament will accumulate a little in the nozzle, causing the back of the material to be blocked, and the model fails to print; Clean the nozzle part to ensure that the material can be fed and discharged normally before printing

My benchy is failing when it’s trying to finish the arc, just like on your failed benchies.
The PLA is curling up and I don’t know what causes this issue.
Could you please describe the steps you did before you finally managed to fully print benchy?

@sovol3delger - On that Yoda, I would look at the gcode. I have a ship model that looks really good, sliced with no “red” areas in Cura, but fails around layer 103. I’m now manually sorting through the gcode with the help of Visualstudio Code and a GCode plugin.


@kord2003 - that sounds like a cooling issue from my experimentation. What’s your ambient room temperature and what speed do you have the part cooling fan running at?

Room temperature: 22.5°C
Bed temperature: 60°C
Nozzle temperature: 190-200°C
Bridges curl up even at stock benchy gcode which prints at 175°C or 180°C.
Fan is running at 100%.

What worries me the most is that no other user mention PLA curling up issue on SV06.
Every reviewer said that they print perfect benchy with stock settings.
I feel that I’m the only one who got this issue.
Am I doing something wrong? Is my part cooling fan faulty?

Use glue stick and put the bed temperature at least 70c. I never go below 70c. My bed temperature is 80c.

I would up the the nozzle 210c+ and lower the fan speed to 75%.

Glue sticks are inexpensive. You can get 3 purple stick for $3 at local Walmart. I cover the entire bed with glue stick. That solves most adhesion problems.

I’m not sure if I understand your answer correctly.
I don’t have adhesion problems. My prints stick perfectly.
My problem is a PLA curling up at sharp edges during bridging. No amount of glue will help because it’s impossible to print on top of curled hardened plastic.

And I would like to understand the reason for these specific temp settings settings.
Aurora Tech managed to print benchy with 210C/60C/100% fan.
My Tech Fun managed to print benchy with 175-190C/60C/100% fan.
They don’t heat up the bed to 80C nor reducing cooling to 75% which means printer should be able to print bridges/arches with 60C bed and 100% fan. I don’t understand why my printer can’t do that on stock settings.

If you have layers separation (curling) you have adhesion problems. It means your nozzle temperature is too low. You don’t have layer separation at the bottom because bedding heat provide the extra heat needed. When the printer print further up it lose the bedding heat. Hence you have layer separation on top and not bottom.

At 22c room temperature, I would go with 220c or more for nozzle and bed temperature at 80c. If you have an enclosure you can lower it. Cut your fan speed to 75% or less . I never go above 75%. My fan speen is between 0% to 75% depending on the material and environment.

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