Printing problems

Hello I tried to print 3D benchy when I bought print Sovol sv06. But month ago I had some issues with printing it.
I tried:

  • Increase bed temperature (becase it did not hold on bed)

  • Slow down print speed
    I currently use 0,4 nozzle and all stock fans. Please help I do not know what else to change to get perfect print again.

Have you tried using different filament? The print looks like the PLA has a high water content.

Have you used the spool furbished by Sovol with the printer ?
If yes, you can put this one in the trash and buy another one.

Changing filament assumes you followed all the setup sets to level the bed and set your Z off-set before you tried to print the benchy. I used the filament that came with the printer with no issues, and it produced a very good-looking benchy. That’s not to say that your filament may have become contaminated due to a poor bag seal.

I will try it and see if it works.

Mine was completely rotten.
I even had trouble inserting it into the extruder it was so brittle.
Even putting it in the oven, there was nothing to save it.

No I haven’t the white spool is from creality, but I will try new spool.

New filament out of the box and looks the same. What else to try?

Slice the Benchy yourself or increase the temp on the Sovol G-code…I think the temp is 175*…change it to 210* for PLA or 215* for PLA+ & Silk filament…PETG 235*.

I set the right temperature for type of filament but still same result.

I’m sorry my suggestion to try a different filament didn’t solve your problem. As bad as your Benchy looks, I would have put money on the problem being filament related.

Do you have any of the filament that shipped with your SV06? Do you still have the original Benchy gcode they supplied on the micro-sd card? You might try running the original code and the supplied filament and see what your results are. The attached photo is my first print on the SV06 I set up this afternoon; supplied filament and supplied gcode. All I did was align the Z-axis, set the Z offset, and run the auto bed level.

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I don´t have the file, but I found where to download it. But i have no idea if I still have the original filament.

Have you checked that the part cooling fan is coming on after the first layer finishes?

Yes it makes first layer and then fan starts working. But I red here somwhere that the fan isn’t strong enough and the position of the bottom fan is bad.

Now it looks better, but not perfect.