Sv04 stops mid print

Just set the thing up and calibrated. It ran 2 prints fine then ive experienced all my prints stopping about halfway through. I then have to unclog unclog the nozzle and get the shredded filament out. Any suggestions? I’m printing at 50mms single nozzle.

Hi RedVodka
Are you saying the reason the print stops half is because it’s clogging?
Are you printing with regular PLA? Or are you using some weird filaments like wood or silk PLA?

Clogs often happens because of filaments quality, so first thing I would do is try a different filament for another manufacturer.

Also, make sure that you don’t got over the recommended manufacturer temperature by over 10C. That could cause this.

let me know if these tips works for you or not.

I just experienced the same problem. I have a sovol 04 and it stopped extruding mid print. It was in the “duplicate/copy” setting so it was printing via both extruders, and they both stopped at the exact same layer. Neither “extruder motor” was running, the gear that feeds filament stopped on both motors at the exact same time and I have no idea why?

I put on new nozzles on each hot end less then a week ago.

My filament is brand new overture filament.

I just recalibrated my e-steps and it fails?

No idea why