Stop printing SV04

The printer starts heating up ok but after the first layer, it stops printing. Any advices to fix the problem?

Thank you.

Can you be more specific?
Does the extruder keep moving without feeding?
Does the extruder return to home position?
Do the temperature settings reset to “0”?

The extruder stopped moving and without feeding in the middle of the print and the temperature setting reset to “0”.

Thank you.

Ive had the same thing happen on multiple prints. Just got a new Motherboard also so wondering what it could be. I’ve done PID tuning a E steps and everything works great except when it stops dead in the middle of a print. The Screen just boots back to home. WHY?

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I’m having a similar issue. The print stops mid-print. No error messages or anything. Trying to determine variables that may be causing this. Upgraded the SOVOL Cura software. Prints stop at various % completion. Attached picture of what the screen looks like when printing stops. If I turn off/on printer, I get a message to restart print, which I try but the printer doesn’t respond.

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