Stopping in the middle of a print

Okay, so I have got my SV04 to adhere to the bed, and I’ve got it printing just fine. But I’m still having issues. Why does it stop printing out of the blue? I’ve been trying to do the dual_blinkfox_pla all afternoon, and although I’ve learned a bit about the height of my extruders, and the heat of my parts, this is the second time it has gotten so far in the build and it stops and just reverts back to the menu. This time it got much further, but still no where near done.

Any idea’s where to look for this?

These pictures are as far as the printer got in attempting to print the mirrored sneaker. The left/blue didn’t print anything because I can’t get the filament to go through, but the right/white just stopped after a couple of hours of printing.

This picture is the best I could get out of the Dual Print Blink Fox.

I don’t know if this is the cause or just something from sitting after it failed to continue, but the right extruder was stuck in the shoe, with a small white divit forming.

So I’m trying the Dual Fox print again and this time I’m monitoring it. This time it went further than before, about twice as much as my best print so far, but all of a sudden the machine stopped moving so I looked over and I saw the LED screen show the Sovol bootup screen and of course the print stopped, leaving the left extruder hovering above the unfinished print.

So it appears the system is rebooting itself for some reason. I think I may have been sent a refurbished unit that someone else sent back, considering the filament in the left extruder and the crazy behavior of this thing. I’d like to some answers please, and perhaps a replacement unit.

Any help out there? Right now this thing is a boat anchor, and I’d really like to get it printing.

Good day not sure if this will fix your problem I had he same issues I found it was a corrupt SD card try another card and format it the long way don’t do a quick format when I did this it fixed the problem