SV07 automaticly kicks aux fan

For some strange reasons SV07 turns on big aux fan just before printing first layer.

/ !!! THIS IS PROBLEMATIC LINE !!! after startup code / macro but just before first layer


echo: SET_FAN_SPEED: FAN=extruder_partfan SPEED=1

I’ve been able to make workaround - basicly overriding SET_FAN_SPEED using gcode_macro, but this is dirty solution. Maybe someone know what sends this command behind scenes? It’s not slicer (checked that) and it’s not in printer.cfg (also checked and make changes to send fan speeds that I want there).

sovol made some changes to klipper to add suport for their custom slicer. along with that they added a function that would add that line to the gcode from any other slicer at the first layer change. it looks like instead of documenting how to use the back fan or adding a macro to link it to the normal extruder fan they just decided to enforce it on every print. in the fluid ui if you go to settings then right at the bottom in the update section it will say that the klipper install is unclean and give you the option to repair it. click that and it will reinstall stock klipper without that change. it will also remove support for their custom cura fork but i assume your not using that since your getting that added


What side effects will it have to update the dirty moonraker and/or klipper? P.S: normally you dont have that option, you have to activate the corresponding sections in the moonraker_conf

I really just want to get rid of the code injection for the aux fan. The rest works finish ( despite the known assembly/ Quality control issues, that can be resolved by adjusting everything :stuck_out_tongue: )

as long as your not using their bundled slicer the only side effect will be to stop the fan turning on at the start of the print.

as for it not being in the ui im sure i didnt enable anything to get it to show up but maybe i did. im not sure.

at this point i am running a very custom config that is basicaly stock software (as in reinstalled from github/kiauh) and a heavily modded klipper config based on the stock one but with a lot of changes to the fan, led and macro setup: GitHub - TomW1605/SV07_Klipper_config

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Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for your config!

There seem to be different delivery versions for the sv07: mine had definitly a different fluidd.
E.g.: i do have a toggle for the led in the ui , but no software update options

I tried to understand the virtual pins but i dont get it… nvm, cause:
your solution with the virtual pins is probably similar to the prusa slicer g-code substituations that does the following:
M106 S255 → M106 S255\nSET_FAN_SPEED FAN=extruder_partfan SPEED=1

you might just have the tile hidden, i cant remember if its there by default

as for the virtual pins, it was the only way i could work out to have a toggle switch in that tile that would let me enable/disable the fan. this is different to turning it on and off. when it is disabled it wont get turned on by M106 but you can set it manually. its kind of like a switch that will control if its linked to the main fan

oh thats good, i like it! great job!

thanks, im not quite sure what issues your having with the virtual pins stuff but if you want to open an issue on the my github i would be happy to help you, probably best not to keep taking this thread so far off topic

My quick and dirty solution was to setup in Cura the Gcode search&replace postprocessing plugin:

Search: M106 S255
Replace to: M106 S255\nSET_FAN_SPEED FAN=extruder_partfan SPEED=0.5

The final Gcode, after uploading it:

I know, technically it doesn’t solve the 100% fan speed, but only adds a new SET_FAN_SPEED command after the original M106
But it works, and at the moment it’s enough for me :grin:

PS: I only print with 100% fan speed setup in Cura, so with other settings obviously you must change the M106 search pattern to something else :wink: