Is the SV07 Mainboard undercooled?

Hi All,

I’ve started getting Klipper shutdowns when printing longer (3+ hours), more complex designs on my SV07 Plus.

This doesn’t occur with simple prints that take less than a couple of hours to print. It appears that the issue is temperature related causing throttling. Logically I can see this because of the way that the SoC is positioned and the very minimal clearance between the control unit and the mounting point. Outside of printing a new, deeper case for the control unit so that we can fit a fan, does anyone else have an idea?


found sth:

Bingo - the print fits perfectly and I’ve fans on order. I love the way that it doesn’t interfere with the controller and mounting.

@Sovol.Claudia - you guys might want to license that STL and include it at least on the USB drive, if not printed and in the box.


Someone made a backplate version for the fan that has the words SOVOL cut out so it shines it out.
Pretty sure it is a personalized version since it was printed in the Sovol Cyan Blue colour.
Where is the lead slot for the fan to plug into on the Mkspi board
12v or 24 planning on trying this myself for the Klipper board as it will overheat but the MCU has a tiny fan on it also and I doubt that I am overloading the MCU when it shows less than 50% memory used.

If you figure out how to clear the error please share.