Extruder Auto-Cooling Fans Sovol SV06

Umm, could it be that “Extruder Auto-Cooling Fans” is deactivated in Marlin? It’s bothering me that the extruder fan doesn’t turn off automatically after printing.
In the source code, there seems to be only the pin for the “Part Cooling Fan”.
Can anything be changed there or is the connection of the extruder fan not controlled and directly connected to the 24 V power supply?
If there is something to change, has anyone already made a ready-made firmware update?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Sorry to know that. Here are suggestions from an engineer for your reference, hope it might help.

Reset the motherboard by following the steps shown in the figures. Then select a test file to print and observe whether the situation you described still occurs. If the situation persists, would you mind providing a video for a further look?

I don´t know why you should need a Video?
The Extruder FAN ist just not turning of. And this occurse on all my six SV06. And i don´t need to start a part. If I turn the Printer on, the FAN immediately starts spinning.

I just want to point out (again) that you missed to define the FAN PIN of the Extruder FAN. Picture of your source code below.

I would also like to know how to turn off the cooling fan. Mine has been running since I turned on the printer. There is no reason to run the fan when the hotend/heat block has cooled to room temp and the print finished days ago.

Yes, this is an important question which Sovol should address.
The hotend cooling fan should be thermostatically controlled to turn off below a set temperature, which is 70C on most 3D printers I have used.

in my experience, the creality control boards (and close clones of them) do not have enough switched/mosfeted connections to have both a controlled parts fan AND a controlled hotend fan (btw have both ender 5 and 5plus as well as sv06 and anycubic mega s & pro and an artist d pro)

As Rossco mentioned, it’s quite common for the coldend fan to always be on, as is the case with the Ender 3.

I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

hm well, I have 8 different printers here and in total 30. the sovol is the first one with this problem.

I sill want a statement from @sovol3d