No power output on Sovol SV06 layer fan. Oh, and is Sovol support getting even worse than it used to be?

Finally got around to setting up the SV06 I bought a month ago. Sadly, the layer fan didn’t work. Or rather, the fan itself likely works fine, but there’s no power output from its outlet. I plugged in a connector with two wires and tested it with a multimeter while setting the fan at up to 100%.

Has anyone had this issue? It seems like just a faulty extruder board, or am I missing something?

And yeah, I contacted Sovol’s so-called support about a week ago. Haven’t heard from them at all. Sadly, that part is not surprising.

Hi, just wanted to say that I am having the same issue. The layer fan works but no power delivered to it. I also tested the fan and it woks fine when not plugged into its outlet.

Have you found any solution?

Nope, no solution I can think of other than replacing the extruder or its board. Of course, that’s contingent on Sovol’s so-called support even bothering to respond.

I assume you’ve tried to run the power up manually through the interface or USB, right?

An update of sorts. Sovol has finally replied to ask me to send them a video of what’s going on (a detailed description apparently was not enough) and the serial number of the printer. I sent them both the same day, after which I got an email saying that they’re on a holiday until the 4th and will respond once they get back. We’ll see how long that takes…

I am not sure how to do that yet unfortunately but my fan has started working again somehow…I went on a bit of a rampage and basically disassembled the whole thing and put it back together again. Then it was working. I literally ha no idea what happened…

You go to ‘Prepare’, ‘Temperature’, ‘Fan Speed’ and run it up from 0% to 100%. Alternatively you can connect through USB and Pronterface and issue the ‘M106 S{any number from 0 to 255}’. For instance, to run up the fan to 100%, you issue M106 S255.

Did you disassemble the extruder?

Another update, sort of. Still no resolution, and even the responses take about a week. If you’re considering buying a Sovol printer, make sure the warranty or support aren’t something that’s important to you. You’re not going to get it.

Another week of nothing happening… Yup, Sovol calls that “support” :slight_smile: