lose of power issue

Hello all, Just purchased an sv06 for my son and we are excited yet overwhelmed and under impressed so far. I’m having consistent yet random issues where the motherboard and screen lose power yet the fan continues to run thus it will cancel printing. Is it possibly a firmware upgrade issue or possibly a bum unit. checking before contacting support. Thank you

Probably a defective unit assuming everything else is in order. You’re using the proper voltage, right?

Sovol isn’t known for quality control but they will probably send you a new printer if you contact them.

I had this issue with my sv04 and it turned out to be a corrupt sd card, try a different one and see if it stops restarting

hi @bill70 Could you pls check if the wires are plugged into the right position and if they’re tightly inserted? Also, could you check if the lignt on the mainboard works well? If not, there might be a problem with the wire, and you could contact the CS at info@sovol3d.com to find a solution . If none of the above cases happens, could you pls home the settings to check the states? Thanks in advance for trying.