SV06 won't turn on

My SV06 completed a 17 hr print and when I went to turn it back on nothing happened. When shutting it OFF the screen flashes for a second and everything sounds like it powers up for a split second. I tried removing the screen connector and when I then turn it back on the whole thing will power on, but when I reconnect the screen it stays fully lit up and blank.

try to:

  • take the display away from the frame and just leave it on the table (to check for grounding issues)
  • unplug devices connected through USB port
  • check all cables (also the yellow connector between power supply and mainboard box)
  • update the firmware (although it doesn’t sound like this is the problem)
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Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately I am leaning towards it being the power supply. After sitting for awhile it all came back to life and I printed again but after that it started to have the same issue. This time I disconnected the power supply from the control board via the yellow and red cable. The power supply was not coming on when flipping the power switch. After waiting a few hours I tried again, still disconnected, and voila the fan spun right up. I turned it off and reconnected everything and it all worked normally. The issue came back again after another print but now it still hasn’t come back to life. I’ll reach out to SOVOL for new power supply and hopefully that takes care of it.


they will help you pushing your issue