Broken Fan Duct

I need help getting a new fan duct. Is there anywhere i can purchase a new one for my sv01?

You can print one yourself. Download the extruder assembly from Sovol in the supports section (documents). It’s in ‘step’ format so you need to convert to stl.
I modified it by making the connection ‘eye’ a little thicker. In the forum there’s no option to attach the file. I’ll upload to Thingiverse: Sovol SV01 fan duct, minor modification:

You can also search for other mods and see if you like one.

I should have modified it like you did. I actually printed one yesterday out of PLA. We’ll see how long it lasts. Ill save yours incase this fails. I did coat the area around the screw hole with some krazy glue to see if that can prevent it breaking in the future.

I use Petg for all my prints. Good luck.