Melted part cooling duct

While printing a part using ASA filament the cooling duct softened to the point that it drooped down to the bed and caught on the raft that was just finishing. As per the filament settings, the nozzle temp was 250°, Bed temp was 95°, and the fan was off. The setup was in a closed enclosure.
I’m unable to find a replacement duct on the Sovol website so I’m printing a set, left and right, in ASA.
Just posting this as a warning for anyone printing at high temps with little or no part cooling. You might want to remove the stock part cooling duct before you start your print.
PS: after I cut away the duct the part finished printing OK.

Do you mean the fan duct? We upload it in the facebook group, may upload it on the forum later. You could find it here.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it’s the fan duct for the left extruder that I need. I found a stl file posted on Facebook but it is for the right side extruder. If I can find one for the left I’ll print a set in ASA. In the meantime I’ve printed a set designed by EvoCivic, downloaded from Thingiverse.

Must be cause your printing in an enclosure, I’ve done many hours of ABS+ at 250c hotend and bed at 100c with no issues so far.

You might be right. Do you have cooling on? If so, at what level?

No cooling on, read not to have cooling on if you dont have an enclosure.

Hello monjen. I think I should have had the fan on at a low speed but was trying to follow the settings suggested by the filament manufacturer. I’m new to 3d printing so it’s a learning experience at this point. Thanks for your comments.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi MWay, I designed a fan duct for the left Eytruder, can give you the stl file.

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Thanks Huud but I’ve gotten the Sovol stl from the “files” page on Facebook (Sovol SV04 IDEX 3D Printer User Group).

Is the STL available anywhere else? My SV04left fan duct broke but I do not use facebook and cannot find a replacement.

Hi folks, someone has the STL file for the fan duct of the left extruder? Mine is deformed, and I don´t have Facebook.