Great printer, noisy fan

Hi, Has anyone found a quieter fan to replace the noisy thing on the X axis beam? I received the printer this morning and the first thing I printed was the Benchy, it printed in 23 minutes, I noticed how much noise the fan was making and I thought this will have to go. Anyone else think the same? So far I’ve printed 2 models from the USB stick that came with it, I connected to Fluidd on the PC without any issue and printed through the consul on this software, it certainly beats fiddling around with SD cards. So far I’m very impressed with this printer and the related software, Klipper is very easy to use, even though it does take a little getting used to. it’s a shame about the fan, it spoils the whole experience; I can barely hear the stepper motors so if it wasn’t for the fan it would be the perfect 3D printer.

It has to be powerful to have any effect. Physics. This means high RPM, and as it’s a small fan in a resonating plastic case … there you go.

However, on most of my prints it’s completely ok to turn the printer down to 50 percent - blissful silence :wink:

Try the wider version of this fan. Much much quieter. Printables

gerGO print3d on YT has a fix for this -

I fixed all of the print noise troubles (as well as its cooling limitations) by removing the curtain fan, removing the 4010 parts fan, and designing a dual 5015 fan carrier. Got the idea from looking at designs for very fast printers and they all had lots of parts cooling right on the print head. The design is up on printables. Printables 835043-dual-5015-parts-fan-mount-for-sovol-sv07