Part fan loudness


How loud should the SV-01 pro be? Mine sits at about 42db (@1m) idle and when the fan that cools the part is on full it goes to about 55db. That seems loud to me. I found a review that said he saw 42db when running but I don’t know what speed his part fan was at.


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Is it convenient for you to attach a video showing the noise?

I could I guess (depends on whether this site lets a new user do so) but I need to ask why? Sound volume will depend on the recording device and what you listen to it at. It’s simply fan noise, it is absolutely coming from the fan on the print head. It is dependant on the speed of the fan.

Yes the higher speed, the noisier the sound. I thought you think the fan is abnormally noisy, so I asked for a video about it.
I don’t know the exact fan sound should be, but you can tell me the fan speed you used and a video showing the sound? Maybe the engineer can give you a suggestion


Are you a representative of Sovol? The only response I got from Sovol, that I know of, is the Heart/like. I took that to mean they thought 55 db was fine and that was the end of it, no further help. I got that reading when printing the XYZ cube that came with the printer, I assume that was at 100% fan. I’ve since been using PrusaSlicer which varies the fan speed as required and it hits the 100% fan/noise a lot less often which is nicer.

I was just surprised to get a 55db reading when I’d seen others talking about how quiet these machines are. I’m just trying to figure out if that is normal or if I have a problem.

May, I see you are an Admin here. I’ve tried uploading the video off my iPhone but this software won’t let me upload a .mov video file nor a .m4a audio file.

I’ve seen some more reviews, the 55 db seems normal.

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I also have the same problem, it’s annoying.
With other slicers it optimizes the fan requirement and makes the noise less annoying!
However the problem remains!!!
Technical support thinks it’s normal…
I purchased this model supposedly because it is silent…

Printing a new duct for the fan may help with the noise. The problem is that you may also impact air flow/direction, etc. so it could be difficult to get it right. I saw one review site that had done that but the duct was glued back on instead of screwed on. I don’t recall which site. Just look for recent reviews. He was on YouTube and his own site.

just had a look on Thingiverse and it turns out that the left SV04 print head is the same as what is on the SV01 pro apparently. So printing just the left one from here would give you a different duct. I do not know if it is quieter, works better, or anything though. Note the warnings about plastic type as well. Sovol SV04 Fan Cooling Ducts by EvoCivic - Thingiverse


Can you share the review?


see update above for more info

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So I printed that part. Gave me the opportunity to try PETG filament. Printed well after a lot of trial and error. However it didn’t make the fan any quieter, it seems to be about 1 dB louder in fact.

I’m going to leave it on for a while to see what I think of it and perhaps I’ll go back to the original. It is designed to direct the air around the nozzle instead of just from one side. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I was hoping it would have better airflow and be quieter but no such luck. It does block the view/access to the nozzle which is a negative.

Do you really think Creality is happy with this?
That Sovol builds a cheaper and better printer with Creality parts? :slight_smile:
I know what I’m selling to Sovol to hurt the competition!

Was it worth using the fan duct from SV04?

I went back to the original. Better view and the cooling seemed to work better.

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