SV06 Plus with Klipper - Power Issue

I’ve got an SV06 Plus with the Klipper upgrade kit on it and a Meanwell 350 W PSU. I also have the printer by itself on a 1500 W UPS. I prefer to print with ABS since I want the impact and UV resistance. Many of my gadgets go outside. PLA has never had a problem with this printer. ABS print temps are 250 hot end and 100 bed. With the plus I’ve been gradually working up the bed temp and am finally at 100 C. The printer is in an enclosure in a heated space. Ambient in the space is about 29 C. The printer takes about 20 minutes to get the bed up to temp but the graph on the klipper screen is smooth so I think that’s just the normal rate. The UPS shows a draw of about 340-360 W when the hot end and bed try to heat up together. Once the print starts, it will draw about 210-240 W and get about 20-30 minutes in when the power will cycle. No errors in the log, just a message stating “abnormal interruption of printing is detected, whether to resume”. I press OK and nothing happens. I pulled the switch and it clicks fine and doesn’t appear burned.

So is this printer just not able to maintain the temps necessary for ABS?

Have you given it a try without the UPS? Could possibly have something to do with amperage from the unit not being enough/ consistent.