SV06 plus Klipper upgrade (from sovol)

Followed the installation instructions. Old pad removed, new one installed, cables run to control board and power supply, firmware flashed with supplied .bin file, machine rebooted.

Following page 10 in the manual, “1 after finish adjustment, click machine leveling on the home page”
(what adjustment? It’s the first instruction after firmware flash, ignoring the basically useless instructions about the accelerometer which don’t tell you what to do with it, or where to rout the cables).

  1. “click z calibrate” . Okay. Did that.

start… printer auto homes, and then moves slowly to the center… with about 10mm between the nozzle and the plate.

Place paper, okay… did that.

“adjust nozzle up or down”.

Here is my problem. I click down .5mm, and the z axis bounces up, then down, but doesn’t lower. Doesn’t matter if I adjust up, or down, it does the same thing. Bounces a half turn up, then back to it’s starting position, while recording a distance change in the upper right coner of the display.

So… any help?


Were you ever able to solve this issue? I’m running into the same problem.

Yes. However, I’m not sure what, exactly did it. I rebooted the printer, and then moved it up first, a good distance… several mm, then back down, then snuck up on it. I think perhaps I was hitting the smallest increment which is like, .05 or maybe .01? I don’t remember, and that was what was confusing me.

But either way, I got it dialed in and now it prints like a dream, running about 150 to 200mm/s in pla very cleanly.

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For anyone who finds this with this issue: for incremental changes near the bed, klipper will bounce up a step, then down a step + the increment you chose. So it is going down but it’s hard to tell because it bounces up first.