SV06 not shipping when promised and no updates after multiple requests

expected delivery on my order 3 days ago, can’t get a response to requests for updated eta, ordered 12/23/22 with 1/12/23 estimated delivery, all requests get no re

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I purchased 2 on the 25th, communication is horrid. Even worse? In between my purchase and mid last week Sovol actually stocked their Amazon store to ship through Amazon! So they sent a ton to sell via Amazon before shipping to online buyers! Such a bad look…

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It is very sad to see a company that does not service their customers in order. I too saw that it I order it from Amazon I will have it next week. No knowing how long it will take just waiting. I am going to have to really like this printer if I am ever going to buy anything from them again.

Ok, just got my shipped email. Not sure if it would have come anyway or not but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. It is a holiday for them the 14th to the 29th…