Order Fulfillment? Purchased 7 days ago and nothing, still says unfulfilled, no reply from support


I ordered a svol 6 Plus on june 21st and have not heard anything from them. Said it was in stock at time of purchase. Anyone having delivery issues? Ive contact support twice with no answer. Says usually fulfilment should be done by now.

Thank You

Ok well I received my svo6 today with no shipping info, lucky I was home early. But I did not recieeve my 10Kg of filament from the flash sale…?

They split orders, you have to look at your order online to see if they shipped on different days.
I ordered my SV06 Plus & 6 Nozzles, I got the nozzles a week before the printer.

Thanks Lion,

I havent gotten any emails on shipping, not even for the printer. It just showed up on the doorstep. In my account, it just says unfulfilled. Figure it is backup from the flash deal. ok with waiting on the filament. I h

I set up the printer yesterday, super easy maybe 20 minutes. Think I spent 5 looking for the taped runout sensor cable. Turning it on today. Happy so far, pretty solid.